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Alkamax Alkaline Water

Our plant/office is located in Antipolo City which had been a long part of our ancient history of struggle for belief and liberty. 


The City of Antipolo lies approximately 29.30 km. East of Manila and is bounded on the North by the town of Montalban, on the northwest by the city of Marikina and town of San Mateo, on the southeast by the towns of Tanay, Teresa and on the southwest by the Town of Taytay and Cainta. It is about 10 km. North to South and about 20 km. From East to West. The City was named after a tree locally known as Tipolo (Autocarpus Incisa) which was in abundance in the area at the time.


For decades, millions of Filipinos have been flocking to scenic Antipolo especially during the pilgrimage season, from the first Tuesday of May to the first Tuesday of July, to pay respect to the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage at the Antipolo Cathedral and also to take side trips to some of the well-known spots there.


Antipolo is rich in natural attractions. Its natural landform and existing vegetative covers makes for very exciting scenic spots. Most of these natural attractions are in the higher evaluations of eastern and northern Antipolo, where the necessary infrastructures for tourism are still on the way for the development. With the highlands of Antipolo, we can expect that we cannot find beaches around, however, with the Resort Business flourishing as early as the 60’s, people from other places have well appreciated this beautiful resorts and relaxing places which supplements the deteriorating condition of the famous Hinulugang Taktak, which was made a National park in the 80’s. Most of the existing tourist sites in Antipolo are located in the west, which is closer to the metropolis and where land elevations are generally lower.


Today, we can see good sign of growing economy in Antipolo City due to the good and honest governance of local executives.  In the booming economy, businesses flourishes and it is very typical to can see in every corner of Antipolo a water refilling station.  However, most of the water refilling stations is “Reverse Osmosis or RO”, so we decided to put up plant for the production of “Ionized Alkaline Water” which becoming popular in the Philippines and Worldwide for their HEALTH BENEFITS.


Due the growing demand in our area, we have recently diversified our business into trading of water refilling station consumables, detergents production, and micro-financing to small entrepreneur.


Our satisfied customer consists of homeowners, resellers, restaurants, and various commercial establishments in Antipolo City, nearby towns of Rizal and Metro Manila.



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Alkamax Alkaline Water
Unit A, Bonoan Building Opp Ynares Center, Circumferential Road,
San Roque, Antipolo City, Rizal 1870 Philippines
Phone: (02) 9943258 / 9943291   Fax: (02) 6612808
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